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February 2017
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In this episode, Scott and Alison #PromoteLove and Girl Scout Cookies! We look at passive-aggressive email marketing; an alternative to buying airtime for really expensive football games; what happens when a daycare lashes out at parents; a made-up word a

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We have discovered the secret to marketing: Free socks! We also discuss the ethics of stealing from Netflix and other digital companies; a new "Can you hear me?" phone scam; what's going on with Instagram and Snapchat stories; who's really addicted to soc

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In this episode of the UnPodcast, we talk about more funny PR shenanigans, but with the added bonus of a OTC Filter Removal System (aka great cold medicine). Alison picks bones with you guys over the grocery shopping story. A cancer patient spreads pizza

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In this episode of the UnPodcast, we talk about some PR burns – Virgin Airlines wins again; Pajamas as shopping attire; Grilled Cheese Tattoos; What happens when you misspell in a tweet – and we finally push Adam over the edge. All this and so much more!


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In this episode of the UnPodcast, we talk about some ethical issues: Are lady products magical? What is your image worth? What’s the right way to share videos – yours and others – online? All this, a made-up word, a listener question, and random moments of inappropriateness.


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In today’s episode, we cover stories in the world of Human Resources: Scott’s One-Armed Chair adventure; Google discovers the secret ingredient to teamwork; what law says you have to answer emails or texts after hours; and two-team building approaches that are subtly different from each other (in that only one could actually kill you). All this plus a snarky made-up word of the week and a follow up to a listener question. Absolutely nothing else!


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Friends, today’s episode is, no exaggeration here, probably our best show ever. EVER. We hit some “Black Friday” madness with Best Buy, Pandora, and a Yorkville Boutique, Scott tells WILDY inappropriate stories about choking, customers stick it to the man over sales… I’m telling you, it’s so good we’re L.E.T.


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In today's episode, we take a long look at stories emerging from the commercial airline industry. Delta, United, WestJet... No one is safe. We also discuss the scourge of "fake news" via a Corona; what happens when you play Words with Friends at a community meeting; some made-up words and a great customer service story. All this and more!

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In today's episode, we probably jump around topics a little more than usual, but that's just because of all the caffeine. We revisit Christmas girth, and discuss New Year's Eve and resolutions; Alison's most popular blog post ever; breakfast cereals; and suing colleges for lackluster career prospects. All this and SO much more!

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This episode of the UnPodcast gets us all holi-dazed! We talk about trees and menorahs; why size and girth is important during the holidays; the Fifth-Annual UnSecretSanta and how it's better than Secret-Sister gifts; How Spotify crunches the numbers for ads (it's kind of holiday related); how Amazon, your favorite online gift store, is going brick-and-mortar. All this and just a little bit more stuff.

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