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Mar 29, 2017

In today's episode we slip into our snuggles and jack-ass whisperer socks to recover from last week's... interesting episode. We talk about Hootsuite and phone sex, burgers of justice, Mark Cuban and his Attack Millennials, the dangers of having a sledule, and why/how we give to charity. How much more could you...

Mar 22, 2017

In today's episode... well, craziness happens. The good news is, the craziness comes wrapped in stories about Policemen helping with homework, a new kind of jerky made by a bleach company, brand slams on Instagram, made-up words and explosive listener que

Mar 15, 2017

In today's episode, we earn our cruise vacation by discussing some infuriating issues: What's it like to spend a year being sexually harassed at Uber?; can you call something "strawberry" if it has no strawberries in it? (we're looking at you, Fruit Roll-

Mar 8, 2017

In today's episode, we find out who you guys like more: Alison, the gentle voice of reason and kindness, or Scott... you know... Scott. Also, we talk about the exciting world of children's pop music; the scary world of Breitbart and e-commerce; why you should never have to put quotes around the term "all-natural"; and...

Mar 1, 2017

In this episode, Scott and Alison dispel the Stratten myth while celebrating Alison's birthday. Also on this episode: The importance of competent disinterest; the Greatest Shopping Carts ever; the question of Ghost Restaurants; the resurgence of cassette