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Sep 27, 2017

In today's show, we field a wide range of topics including why people are so mad about the nice thing Tesla did; what's going on with Instagram verification; what we learned from a friend's private message; why you shouldn't trust that long line at your town's new hot spot; what happens to brides when bankruptcies attack;...

Sep 20, 2017

In today's show, we simply have too much to talk about. We discuss podcasting etiquette; the big anniversary we have coming up; the touching story of the seven-handed pitcher; sexism in startups; fake reviews; a negative spin class; and sexism against dads. All this, a made-up word and a listener question, too!

Sep 6, 2017

In today's show, we talk about real vs. viral numbers and the transfer of power from the climb to the spike; also known as the Algorithm Addiction. We also discuss the Instagram Podghazi; the Best Commenters; a pre-sharing and commenting quiz; how P&G cut their ad budget still increased sales; how Chinese women...