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Nov 29, 2017

In this episode of the UnPodcast, we continue our Episode #200 party with our live studio audience. We talk about Alison's retirement plan and Scott's need/love of an audience; Amazon's creepy new delivery service; the sad Instagrammy place we've come to as a society; Southwest is fixing something that isn't broken with...

Nov 22, 2017

In this episode of the UnPodcast, it's part one of our special Episode #200 celebration. We talk about how the podcast came about; what made Alison really scared; how we collect stories; the importance of warm nuts and champagne; why Consumerist fired everyone; the failure of Snapchat Spectacles and other 360 VR/AR tech;...

Nov 15, 2017

In this episode of the UnPodcast, we get ready for Episode 200 and go through some funny stories. There's a little family reunion in the studio while we talk about non-smokers getting extra vacation time; a debate about curling and brooms; the whiny gener

Nov 8, 2017

In this episode of the UnPodcast, we hack your life with stories about: why you've been eating peanut butter wrong your entire life; why storing your photos on Photobucket might not have been such a great idea; an easier way to write business reviews; Facebook is changing... again... surprise; how augmented reality can help...

Nov 1, 2017

In this episode of the UnPodcast, talk about the light and dark side of our favorite gram: Instagram. Selfies, your friends' kids, stealth ads, FTC warnings, and copyright infringement. All this and so much more!