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Aug 15, 2018

We're taking a little bit of time off this summer for family time, but we don't want you, our loyal seven listeners, to miss out. So we're revisiting some of our favorite episodes over the next few of weeks. This is a special rebroadcast of Episode 63 with special guest Ron Tite.

On this episode of the UnPodcast, for only the second time in the history of the UnPodcast, we had a guest. Ron Tite, of The Tite Group joined us to discuss the intersection of improv and business.

Among other things we discussed why it’s better to bill yourself as a business speaker (who happens to be funny) rather than a comedian, the rules of improv, and great lessons business owners can learn from improv.

We also talked about how to increase team loyalty, the difference between leaders and managers, and one thing that works across all generations.